What Is Health Coaching?

So, what Health Coaching?  The answer may well vary, depending on who you ask….but the way we see it is that health coaching is a Health Coach working with a client to devise strategies to better manage the clients health and well-being concerns.

Health coaches provide clients with self-management strategies, can assist bridge the gap between the client and the health system and provide emotional support and encouragement.

Health coaches often specialise in various areas, depending on their experience and expertise. They may also hold additional qualifications in additional therapies and work these into their health coaching practice.

What does a Health Coach do?

Many coaches may consider themselves to be a mentor, supporter or even friend to their clients. The Health Coach encourages the attainment of health and wellness goals and also keeps their clients accountable for their actions.

Health Coaches often offer one to one or sometimes group health coaching sessions. Many also run workshops and classes and even webinars and special events.

What doesn’t a Health Coach do?

Health Coaches do not diagnose or treat disease, nor are they qualified to do so.

How can I find a Health Coach?

That’s simple! Simply head over to The Health Coaches Collectives Directory here you will find Health Coaches located all around the world. Don’t let their location put you off – Health Coaches often carry out their client sessions via Skype or other such tool.  It’s more important that you find a health coach that resonates with you – once you have done so, get in touch with them – they’d love to hear from you!

If you can’t find a Health Coach that you think will be right for you, feel free to contact The Health Coach Collective and they’ll happily help you out.
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