Perfectly imperfect

I’ve just finished a call with my Business Coach who almost choked when I mentioned that I ate three fun sized Snickers bars yesterday.  Her response in hearing my update knocked me for six.  Unbeknownst to me, in the months that we have been working together she has believed that I am “perfect” and hearing of my Sunday chocolate indulgence had her totally rattled.

This conversation has concerned me. Never, in my heart of hearts have I set out to portray myself as a perfect person, I do not believe that any such person exists.  Like you, I have my demons and continue to struggle with habits that do not serve me. Like you, I am on a continual path of self discovery and am quite accustomed to reeling then learning from my errors. I felt that I had been genuine in my efforts and portrayed myself with truth and integrity.

As a nurse I appreciate the importance of maintaining a professional front but have also found great benefits in opening up about my faults to others, it acts to break down barriers and develop trust with people who are struggling and in need of support. Having thrown my own life into the public realm the temptation to present a perfect front is tempting but not one I consider to be easy, nor desirable, to upkeep.

In a world of Instaexperts and Wellness Warriors, it is easy to feel insignificant or a failure of sorts. By keeping things honest and open I can only act to serve, rather than steal from the esteem of others.

I have been open about my failures and faults in the past and plan to continue to do so in the future.

I will maintain my perfectly imperfectness and encourage each of you to do so too.