My favorite isothiazolinone-free hair care and moisturizers

A while back I wrote about my allergy to isothiazolinone and it’s turned out to get some significant traffic, you can read that post here. At that time I promised you that I would provide some information about the products I commonly use that are isothiazolinone free.

When I first was diagnosed with this allergy, I found it really difficult to find products that were free of isothiazolinone – it seemed to be in everything!  The only way I came to discover what products were safe for me was by reading  product labels and contacting manufacturers. It was a tedious process but one that I could not afford to neglect. 

Today I thought I would share with you my favorite isothiazolinone-free hair care and moisturizers. These are the products I use today, at the time of writing, in Australia, these products are isothiazolinone free.  If you too have an isothiazolinone allergy, I strongly recommend that you still check the labels/contact the manufacturer prior to using yourself – don’t forget to check for reference to Kathlon and Methylchloroisothiazolinone too (alternative names for isothiazolinone).

Hair – Shampoo and conditioner proved to be a real problem for me and every shampoo and conditioner I found contained isothiazolinone. Then I happened upon MooGoo and I’ve not looked back since. I don’t get the same soapiness from the shampoo as I would with the chemical filled brands and I do tend to use more conditioner than usual but the MooGoo hair range leaves my hair soft, smooth and squeaky clean. I’ve also noticed that I don’t need to wash my hair as often since using this product (about 18 months now). Oh, and by the way, I’m a bottle blond and have found that this shampoo and conditioner has never discouraged my hair. MooGoo ships to a number of countries – I highly recommend that you check out their website for online shopping as well as a list of stockists to to you.

Photo credit to Moo Goo

Photo credit to Moo Goo










Body –  I’m a moisturizing junkie and each morning after showering I slap on layers of product from my neck to my toes.  Prior to my allergy diagnosis I usually used plain old sorbolene as my body moisturiser. It’s cheap and effective. I would often alternate with someone a bit more fancy, which I rarely bought but was sometimes given as a gift.  I don’t do that now.

Photo credit to Woolworths

In the warmer months I use Macro Organic Coconut Oil. I have tried a number of different coconut oils now and I’m telling you this stuff is my all time beauty favorite – if I could buy it by the gallon I would! Just be careful after applications when walking on hard surfaces (you will be slippery) and naturally don’t go bathing in the sun after application – it is an oil after all.  I always have a few jars of this on hand – both in the bathroom and kitchen! You can buy it online through the Wooworths website.




Priceline Sorbolene Cream with 10% Glycerine 1 L

Photo credit to Priceline

In Winter I find that the coconut oil is just not heavy enough so I continue to use sorbolene in the colder months, my favorite is the Priceline brand which I  buy in store. At only $4.99 for 1 litre it’s a bargain, you can also pick it up online via the Priceline wesbite


Photo credit to MooGoo



I also moisturise my hands several times a day. My pick? Why its MooGoos Eczema & Psoriasis Cream of course! I started using this product a few months back upon referral from a friend and since my first purchase I take it everywhere I go! This cream is quite light and does not leave any oiliness or sticky residue like other hand creams can. I have not had any cracked skin since using it!



Facial Moisturizers – Since my diagnosis I became very interested in using natural oils as part of my beauty regime. Containing only one natural ingredient I loved the idea of their simplicity. As a bonus natural oils are easy to buy and a generally much more affordable than marketed moisturizers. 


Essano Rosehip Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 45 mL

Photo credit to Priceline

For quite a while I used pure Rosehip Oil  during the day. I wasn’t particularly fond of the smell and whilst it did work well as a moisturizer I found that after using it for a few months my skin became quite dry.  My favorite daytime moisturizer now is Jojoba Oil, although I still incorporate Rosehip Oil into my routine from time to time. 


Hemp oil organic cold pressed extra virgin 250ml

Photo credit to Biome Eco Store

Hemp Oil is my favorite night time moisturizer. I do find it a little bit stinky but it’s not too offensive, really hydrates the skin and a little goes a long way –  you can pick it up online at the Biome Eco Stores.





So there you have it folks, a few of my favorite isothiazolinone-free that I use and recommend. As stated before if you too are isothiazolinone-free, be sure to check the labels before using.

If you too are isothiazolinone-free I’d love to hear what you use as part of your daily routine.