Finally Free

Just for a moment

I initially published this post on another blog on 21 March 2015. When I came across it again today I considered it to be a sign from the universe.

Do you believe in signs? Those moments that take your breathe away and you cant work out why?

I do.

I’ve just not always been very good at taking notice of them, nor am I always very good at listening to the little voice in my head that at the time I wrote this screamed “run for the hills baby”.

But run I did not. In fact, I did get caught up, but in the scheme of things, just for one moment….

And to be honest, ignoring that little voice and joining that life which was so far from my own values made me sick, really sick in both body, mind and spirit.

I’ve now recovered from that experience, with another notch or two in my lifes’ belt of experience. And you know what?

I love my life today more now than ever….I hope you love yours too.

Original post as follows:

Have you ever experienced life from another viewpoint just for a moment and just for that moment wanted to be part of that world? That happened to me this week when I momentarily joined a life that was far removed from my own. A life of money, big business and power. And, just for a moment, I relished the experience. But just for a moment.

This week I saw first hand that money and power does not make you happy. It does not give you health. To the world you may have it all, but if you don’t have the elementary building blocks of a happy life you have nothing at all. Seeing those who “had it all” but had so little, made me really grateful for my own life.

This week I totally fell head over heels in love, I fell in love with my life. My life of simplicity, of love, of good health.  Whilst I live a life very different from those I spent some time with, I have so much more than them in so many ways. For that I am eternally grateful.

I am grateful for the little things that I so often take for granted. I am grateful for my health and for the health of those around me. I am grateful for the love I receive and am able to give in return. I am grateful to have work, a car to drive and a dog to feed. Heck, I’m even grateful for the leftover chilli that I froze a while back and have now eaten for dinner.

Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about the things we don’t have that we forget to be grateful for what we do. Some say that the grass is always greener on the other side. I disagree, the grass is greenest where you nurture it.