Girlfriend, step away from those scales!

Each of my clients receive a personalized “Body Tracker”.  This is a document that I have put together for them to track their progress. Included in this document is a section for my clients to record their current (and subsequent weights).  But the simple truth is,  I hate the scales, and not for the reason that you may think.

The scales don’t always offer an accurate representation of progress

You see when I originally underwent my own body transformation the scales were not my friend. Despite the strict calorie counting and exhausting exercise regime, it never felt to me that the number on the scale provided evidence of the hard work I had put in. On my initial weight loss journey I lost only a handful of kilos, and this would have been totally de-motivating for me had I not also been recording my measurements. Whilst my hard work equated to only a handful of lost kilos, it actually resulted in a loss of almost 50 centimeters from my body. For me this equated to a loss of two entire dress sizes.

I’ve seen the same thing in clients time and time again.

But, if you’re going to weigh in

* Do it only once a week, at the same time and under the same conditions.  I used to weigh in on Saturday mornings, before I’d eaten or drunk anything, after I’d been to the toilet, and completely naked.

* Understand that your weight can vary dramatically throughout the day, and for women, throughout your menstrual cycle – fluid can add up to four whole kilos to your weight!

* Be prepared to find that your body syncs into a routine. I’ve had a number of clients who have a big loss one week followed by a small loss the following, or even a small gain. Do not be surprised should this occur.

So if I don’t like the scales, why do I still ask my clients to weigh themselves?

Quite simply I don’t, but I do give them the option to.

I find that the majority of women I work with actually want to do a weekly weigh in, but most get a whole lot more excited when its time for the measurements (which I suggest should be done no more frequently than every four weeks).  I think that we get caught up on number because it gives us something to track, a gauge to measure our “success” and being a super visual person, I totally get that.

So my advice? The choice is yours, do it, don’t do it……just don’t get caught up on the number at the end of the day.