How are you qualified to talk about weight?

I hold a Bachelor of Nursing, am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as well as certified through the World Obesity Federation in obesity management.

Currently I am studying Obesity and Diabetes Nutrition and will commence a post graduate diploma in Obesity and Weight Management through the University of South Wales in March .

Prior to joining the health workforce I worked in higher education and the community sector, primarily in project and management roles. In these years I gained postgraduate qualifications in legal studies (GCert Legal) and a Advanced Diploma in Business (Management). 

Are all of your recipes suitable for people trying to lose weight?

No, not necessarily. The recipes I post are based on my personal principles of living the 90/10 lifestyle this means that I eat wholesome, clean foods 90% of the time and eat for pure pleasure the other 10%. I have found that this methodology works for me, and encourage you to determine what works best for you.  

Please note that I cook very much ad-lib. My recipes have not be tested by professional chefs not analyzed by a dietitian or nutritionist.

Do I need to go gluten free to lose weight? 

Absolutely not!

As a diagnosed Coeliac I do eat entirely gluten free and my recipes reflect that. Before being diagnosed with coeliac disease, I was severely underweight. Within years of my diagnosis I had blown up bigger than a beached whale at Bondi (OK…… perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I was overweight), deciding to do something about my own weight is where my interest in weight loss began. 

I need help losing weight, are you available to work with me?

Yes, whist I continue to work with a limited number of private clients my schedule is pretty full. Drop me a line and we’ll see if we can make a time work, otherwise I’d be happy to refer you to one of my health coaching colleagues.