My 4.6kg stuff up and what I learned from it

My 4.6kg stuff up and what I learned from it

I could not believe it when I stepped on the scales last night, despite my monumental failure to abide to the 12WBT  I was down an entire 4.6kg!!! As you can imagine, my head was spinning, how could this be? After all I had only changed a small number of things in my routine yet this was an epic loss.

I jumped on the scales again, then once more just to be sure. Yes, it still read 72kgs! Unbelievable. I was in shock.

My Overjoy Was Short Lived……

The next morning I jumped out of bed and weighed myself again. yep, still 72kgs…. I couldn’t contain myself and raced downstairs to tell my husband. Naturally he was full of praise and we spoke at length about how amazing it was that simply making small changes resulted in a 4.6kg loss for me. He then decided that he too would weigh in.

And he did.

The scale read:


My overjoy was short lived, but I’ve learned from this experience.

What I learned

The first thing I learned was that our scales were broken, this was evident given my husband last weighed in at 90+ kgs.

Whilst I may have been a teeny bit disappointed to being with, this experience has actually proven to be really valuable for my mindset.

Now, I’m the first one to say that the scale is not always our friend but I admit it felt AMAZING to see the scale at 72kgs.

It felt AMAZING to think that I had made it there without any crazy intense calorie counting and exercise routines.

It felt AMAZING to think that one day, I would see the scales sitting at 72kgs and I would not be a false reading.

How I’ll Use This Experience

I cannot tell you how good it was for me to see the scales at 72kgs. Although I’ve never struggled with obesity, being overweight has been a battle for me for the past seven years. My weight has quite literally and figuratively weight me down, prevented me from doing the things I’ve wanted to do and being the person I want to be.

So for now, I’ll hold onto that feeling of being 72kgs and use it to motivate me to actually get there.